Plan with Me Today

Contact me while planning your event. I'll provide a detailed proposal that can be used as an eAgreement; we eSign it; & no deposit is needed to reserve me & the date...peace of mind is yours!

So you know...
I don't just get paid for the time I play at an event.
I earn my living because my 'day' includes:
  • Loading gear into truck from storage
  • 60-90 minutes setup
  • 60-90 minutes breakdown
  • Loading gear into storage
  • Above = four hours, avg
  • Driving there/back
  • Now add your playtime & that is my real 'day'.
  • So if you wonder why I charge a minimum fee, it's because of all the 'non-event' labor & time above
Here's rest of the 'overhead' it takes to be a Pro DJ...
  • Paying for legal music
  • Event liability insurance
  • Maintenance/Replacement of Audio & Lighting Gear
  • Truck Insurance, Maintenance & Fuel
  • How'd you get here? Advertising, folks!
Pricing Chat

So because of all of the time, labor & overhead on left side of this page, my minimum fee for any kind of event = $850, for up to three hours of playtime, if you're closeby
  • Proms/Gym Dances: $1000
  • Additional Gear: +$300
  • Additional Hour: $200
  • Travel Charges over 1 HR
  • Small, local (to me) event or House Party with minimum of gear? Talk to me, I'll do my best.
  • Charities/Fundraisers: run it past me, I'll give you all I can of my time & talent for the right cause.

Please go here.


  • Separate lyrics screen
  • Over 20,000 Classics
  • Four (4) Wireless Mics
  • Spotlight on Singer(s)
  • $200 to add onto an event
  • $900 as a three-hour stand alone & yes, we can dance in between singers!