Audio Equipment

As Pro DJ, I need to be able to deliver music via the finest & most dependable audio equipment. Since I care, you should too. And if 'shopping' for a DJ, make sure to compare 'apples-to-apples'. I use at least two 800 Watt, 15" Alto Mains & two, 15-18", 1000-1200 Watt Subwoofers. Any DJ who does not use 'subbies' = poser. There's no such thing as a 'hot' dance floor without them. As far as my 'footprint', I use my own compact 'DJ Stand' & Chair & can fit 4000 watts of audio + lights + myself into a 8'x4' area. Or I can bring as much as 15,000 watts of power & enough lights to light the night!


Always included at no extra charge I feature the best: Chauvet Professional DJ Lighting. All the latest LED designs, allowing for less power needs, cooler running temperatures & producing the neatest effects both on the dance floor & room perimeter.


I carry music from the 50's to Timberlake's latest at all times. And each week, I am sent 2-300 fresh 'cuts' direct from the record 'labels', every genre from Rock-Pop-AC- Country-Urban-Christian. You will be invited to request your favorites, no matter how 'off beat' & I guarantee to be able to provide those songs. Via above, we receive 'Live Promotion Use Only' versions & unusual remixes too!

PS: Want some Karaoke at your reception? No problem, just ask about it!